Hapkido Federation of India

About Hapkido Federation of India (HFI)

The HAPKIDO FEDERATION OF INDIA (HFI) is the National Governing Body for Hapkido Sports in India to control and develop Hapkido Sport in India. Established in the year 2011, in Jammu (J&K) India, it is the only National Governing body for Hapkido Sports in India that is recognized by World Hapkido Confederation which is the International Federation for Hapkido, further recognized and proud member of The Association For International Sports for All (TAFISA). The HFI is dedicated to advancing the finest traditions of the Martial arts by encouraging and promoting the development of physical, mental and spiritual health with a commitment to personal dignity, mutual respect and service to the community. The Federation was established with the sole object of promoting this game as an ancient combat sport. In India Hapkido sports is about to be included in All India Inter-University Games (AIU) & School National Games (SGFI).
In 2020, General Elections were held in the Federation after which Mr. Premjit Sen has been handed over complete control of the Hapkido body India. Mr. Sen is a world renowned Martial artist who has been working for his passion since he was a barely 9 years old in 1982. He is:

  • 8th Dan Black Belt  from Japan
  • 7th Dan Black Belt in World Karate Federation
  • 5th Dan Black Belt from Universal Tae Kwon Do Federation, Australia,
  • Founder and Chief Technical Director, Global Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate-do Federation
  • Coach,Referee & Judge :World Karate Federation
  • Referee and Judge : A Grade Kata Judge and Kumite Referee Asian Karate Do Federation,
  • President : Karate Do Association of Bengal (Recog. by Bengal Olympic Association)
  • Gold Medalist in the World Cup of Martial Art in 2003 & 2008 from Australia
  • European Open Champion in 2006 from Germany
  • Gold medalist in the technical training seminar in Japan 2003.
  • He has also been awarded as the Best Instructor from I.S.K.A Australia.

He has travelled all around the world and visited places for training camps and seminars to share his experience and knowledge with all, to motivate the young karate’s to strive to perform better and upgrade the level of competitions. Words fall short while describing this living legend as he has set new limits in the field of Karate in India. He showed dreams to all his students and he taught them how to chase their dreams.
He started his own Dojo in the year 1991 and since then there has been no looking back for him. He hoisted his flag in each and every tournament such as Asian Championship,National Games, Commonwealth Games, etc be in Bengal, India or abroad and very soon people started calling him the Royal Bengal Tiger. Humble words, calm attitude, sharp vision, intellectual brain and polished moves, Mr. Premjit Sen is known for all of these. He is one force of nature God created to boost this Sport and to make people aware of the extreme importance Martial Art. Now after spending decades traveling worldwide and spreading his knowledge and experience everywhere, he has started giving affiliations too across the globe. Currently he is having more than 1000 instructors in 16 states working under him teaching over 10 lakh students across the country. His name would be mentioned in Golden words in the history of Karate and people would always look upon this most charismatic personality and always want to progress like him.
Mr. Premjit Sen is the new face of Hapkido now and under his excellent guidance, Hapkido shall continue in India with a new vision and hence this shall mark a beginning of a new era in Hapkido.
HFI is dedicatedly working hard for the execution of its missions that seek to achieve the following goals and give exposure and opportunities to the budding talents of our nation.

  • To offer the teachings , history , philosophies , theories , culture and techniques of HAPKIDO ( Martial Arts ) to all those willing to study with diligence, spirit of dedication , discipline , honor , integrity , and loyalty .
  • To foster, through performances, seminars, exhibitions, tournaments and participation in community service activities a greater understanding and awareness for the qualities within the HAPKIDO Art.
  • To promote self –awareness, confidence, humility, kindness, generosity and compassion as well as to teach physical skills to our students.
  • To ensure HAPKIDO have a place in history and in modern society.
  • To maintain the spirit of rediscovery and reawakening of ideas, Ideals, and natural internal Principles.
  • To offer an alternative way of life, without drugs, medication or artificial stimulation.
  • To educate others to be healthy and fit, and to be in touch with themselves, others, and the environment.
  • To teach kindness instead of aggression and hate.
  • To provide an umbrella for diverse styles and organizations to come together.

The HAPKIDO FEDERATION OF INDIA (HFI) believes that synergistically a large group of HAPKIDO Branches / Dojos working together, HFI will maintain high Black Belt Standards while establishing new and exciting course curriculum. The senior advisors and instructors, comprising the leadership within HFI, will be role models for the members leading by excellent instruction, of course restricted under the strict guidance, training and teaching of our dynamic President, Mr. Premjit Sen.