History of WHC

About World Hapkido Confederation (WHC)

While holding second course of International Hapkido competitions for unification and integration of all masters and real honest artists in this martial arts, world Hapkido Confederation was founded concurrently by the group of prominent master from all around the world for marital arts of Hapkido.

Indeed appending WHC to sport international societies and promoting it all over the world though holding seminars – educational workshops – national competitions – in continents around the world along with other international events which is related to Hapkido have a worthy role beside founding affairs.

In 2010 year, the WHC case delivered to TAFISA (the international sport organization which approved and recognition by IOC- UNISCO – WHO for gain membership qualification.)

By inquiry and studying the case at board of examinee session of TAFISA in April 2011 a temporary membership qualification was given to the martial arts of Hapkido. Finally it was presented and approved finally in TAFISA 22nd General Assembly and world congress which is held from 10 to 14 November in Antalya -Turkey. Its worth mentioning that WHC is a member of World Martial Arts Games committee. Now, WHC is trying to gain membership qualification of the other international sport organizations which have a world formal trust until Martial Art of Hapkido are in a place which is qualified for.The World Hapkido Confederation WHC, as the core organization for the members of Hapkido across the globe, currently operates and provides the members such vital programs as Hapkido trainings, field trainings, cultural experiences and so forth.

Every two year, the WHC organizes Senior, Junior, Cadet and Veteran World Championships. It is among our aims to promote the development of Spoqcs and nurture the practice of our sport throughout the world tighten the ties of friendship which unite Spoqcsers of all countries promote and develop the struggle against Doping ensure that the principle of non-discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, ethnicity, religion, political opinions, family status or other is respected.

With these recent domestic and international movements, the World Hapkido Confederation attempts to join General Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) or Sport Accord and also participates in the International Martial Arts Olympic based upon the global networks the World Hapkido Confederation has established worldwide.

WHC Vision

Vision Of World Hapkido Confederation (WHC)

  • The vision of the World Hapkido Confederation is to follow the vision established based upon an organization culture that leads to development and advancement of Hapkido
  • To see Hapkido1 being played in the highest levels of Local, Regional, Continental, International and Olympic competitions

WHC Mission

Mission Of World Hapkido Confederation (WHC)

  •  Complete the requirements for full Membership to the Sports Accord.
  •  Gradually, peacefully and inevitably unite Hapkido organizations all over the world to work towards common goals for the common good.
  •  Create a fair and diplomatic process for everyone in the global Hapkido1community to understand and cooperate with each other.
  •  Protect Hapkido from individuals and organizations with commercial and vested interests.
  •  Encourage and assist the promotion and development of Hapkido in all countries.
  •  Organize Hapkido1 tournaments for teams all over the world to showcase their Hapkido skills and find out who are the best in the world!